Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Speaking of Jeopardy!...

My VCR is set to record it daily.
I've always liked the show, but cousin Sarah is
actually the one responsible for adding it to my queue.
Even though she left, it stayed.

I don't know exactly why I like Jeopardy.
I guess it challenges my brain, but
those moments when I can come up with an answer
are few and far between.
Approximately once I have jumped
out of my recliner and shouted out the answer to
the "final Jeapordy" question when the
contestants did not know it!
I sure wish I could remember what it was, cause
I'm even suspicious of this myself!

I have discovered one thing from all my Jeopardy watching.
If any answer pops into your mind, you might 
as well give it a try.
Often, it will be right.  Well, maybe occasionally
might be more like it.
But...this brings us to Alex.
Heaven forbid that you are wrong.
Alex might just laugh you out of the studio!
"Wrong continent, hahaha!"
Or shake his head somberly and say,
"Ohh, noo.  Wrong century!"
(And you'll be able to sense the unspoken "you dummy!"
at the end.)
 Alex is very handsome and evidently very smart.
And full of himself IMHO.
Sometimes he expounds on the subject--
just to let us know how knowledgeable he is,
not content to simply supply the correct answer.

I would never be able to be on Jeopardy.
There are a few lot of frequently used subjects about
which I know absolutely nothing.
For example:

Greek Mythology
Astronomy and Astrology
World History
U. S. History and Presidents
Okay...All History
Pop Music Stars
Literature Classics
Okay...that's all I'm willing to admit.

What am I expert upon?
In high school days it was English grammar.
I've told you before I was a grammar nerd.
The only problem is that I've never seen
English Grammar
as a category on Jeopardy.

I like to think I know a good bit about the Bible.
Of course, I feel terrible pressure when
a question about the Bible comes up, 
absolutely panicked that I will not know the answer.
And I would be so crushed and embarrassed
if I missed it!

And John Grisham.
I've read all his books enough times that 
I should be an expert on him.
But...it's very easy to get confused... 
The Apprentice, The Associate, The Brethren, The Broker...
Hope there's a good hint in the clue.

My travels have definitely expanded my world
and do allow me to come up with an answer occasionally.
Again, I wish I had some examples to provide,
but I guess you'll just have to take my word for it!

And then there's "buzzer style" to be considered.
If you've watched Jeopardy much you'll
know what I'm talking about.
Some contestants are so hysterical about pressing
the little handheld buzzer that it drives me nuts.
Jumping around all wide eyed 
and punching it frantically over and over
 even after someone else has beaten them to it!
Others are so subtle and suave 
that you never even see them "buzzing in."
I would hope I could be the latter, but I'm not sure
I would be willing to risk being suave.

I have discovered a way I might be able to be
a successful contestant on Jeopardy.
If I could become real famous, I might be able
to compete on Celebrity Jeopardy.
This special edition was on all last week,
and the questions were so dumbed down that
even I could answer most of them!!!
And Alex is a lot nicer to the celebrities! 
The problem:
I just may have waited a little late to start
becoming famous. 






Friday, May 15, 2015

I Took One For The Team Today, Mates!

Now be truthful.
Who among you has not wondered what the
"5 ways to reduce belly fat" or the
"5 foods you should never eat" are?
Have you ever relented and clicked on one of those
tempting sites?
 If so, you've probably discovered the
answers are so buried in gobbledegook 
that you've given up before being enlightened.
(I know this because I did one time.)

Until yesterday.
I couldn't resist checking this email out--for you.
The sender: National Health Solutions
The subject line:
Urgent: Milk worse than smoking?
Now my friends, don't you agree that I did
you a favor by checking this out???

So...I settled in to catching up with my missed recorded
episodes of Jeopardy (I was up to about 20),
started the stop watch on my phone,
and chose the "Read Transcript" version of
this Urgent video.
I would glance at my computer screen off and on
and make notes occasionally.
All for y'all!

Well, as it turns out, milk can not only be worse than
smoking, it can be worse than smoking
4 packs of cigarettes a day!!!
Not 2 packs, not 3 packs, but 4 packs.
(Personally, I would hate to be the attorney
trying to prove this in court.)

After many minutes spent trying to convince us
that smoking is bad for us, 
we finally get to the particulars about milk's badness.
We were to go to our refrigerators and check to
see if our milk has the letters
on the carton.
If so, you best be calling your mortician.
It comes from genetically modified cows
(or something like that.)
Of course, there is no milk (or anything else)
in my fridge.

Then, you need to know that milk is not the only thing 
you're killin' yourself with.
Just know that almost everything else you eat is
GM too.
The description of genetically modified corn was
so gross that it may take me a day or two
before I'm able to eat it again.

Anyhoo, after about 50 (fifty!!) minutes, we
get to the crux of the matter--
you need a monthly subscription to
Brad Henley's Natural Health Solutions.
It will set you back the bargain price of 
$49 per year (billed automatically to your credit card
and automatically renewable, of course!) 

But...wait...you also get 4 books free!
One of them shows you how you can gain
"food independence" with your own
garden in a 4' X 4' plot.
(Please trust me.  Don't plant corn.)
Another is Sin Foods for Healthy Living.
(Don't be expecting any ice cream.)
A third book will give you
77 Censored Cures.
(A cure was promised for absolutely everything.)

Oh, I almost forgot. 
This info is based on 44,000 pages of
"internal government files that they never wanted
you to see!!"
And this video could be withdrawn at any time!
Yes it could.  Are we you not the lucky ones?

Okay, about 5 commercial free episodes of Jeopardy later,
I shut off the stop watch.
One hour and twenty three minutes!
Who in the world would really watch this stuff
that long?

There was one thing that caught my attention,
but of which I have no knowledge.
One of the books promises to eliminate
man boobs from the comfort of your couch.
If this is of interest to any of you, contact me.
I haven't deleted the email yet. 

You're so very welcome.
Any time never again.


Monday, May 4, 2015

Cataract Surgery, Part II...

was a piece of strawberry cake!
Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition fork!

We arrived at 6:30 A.M., and we were home by 8:30!!!
I had a different nurse, but just as sweet and
just as good as last Monday.
My blood pressure was still high, but
no one expressed great concern.

(I had to explain to my nurse that there was
actually a good reason for my blood pressure to be high.
Charleigh-Girl Stovall escaped from the back yard
and Susan and I had to track her down
before we could leave. 
She bought it!)

I also had a different anesthesiologist.
And a quite different trip home.
I remember far less about the surgery 
than I did last week,
even though my nurse said I would probably
remember more.
I remember being wheeled into the laser room and
 obediently focusing on the ring of
lights over my right eye,
 and I remember being at home.
That's it.
Absolutely nothing between.
When I called Susan to relate, oh I'd say,
about my fourth story, she told me
(very nicely and kindly)
 that I had told her all these things on the trip home.
 So I guess this anesthesiologist was a
bit more zealous!

One of those stories I was telling was that 
"My cataracts were probably not all that bad yet,
since I don't see a drastic difference in colors
or brightness."
Of course, I might need to take into
consideration that I was "testing" myself with
my sunglasses on and my eye still
hugely dilated!

My left eye is abrasion free and seein' good!
I can't wait for the right to get "undilated."
I'm totally optimistic!
Only one mountain left to climb.

Friday night I go to Madeline's Ransom Notes concert
in Austin!
Sunday is Mother's Day!

This is one of those times when I think it 
would have been better to
"ask for forgiveness not permission!"


Saturday, May 2, 2015

Cataract Surgery, Part 1

It was a piece of cake.
Sort of.

My left eye, which takes care of my closeup vision,
was first.
My appointment time was 11:05 last Monday.
Susan and I were early.
We had been told to expect to be there from
1.5 to 2 hours.

When I signed in the first question by the 
receptionist was, "Please confirm that we are
operating on your right eye today."
"Well, I can't do that because
it's supposed to be the left."
After a little stutter stepping and attempt at
explanation, I'm good to go--just
hoping the doctor is not similarly confused. 

Being needlephobic, my main concern was the
insertion of the IV.
It was the best, easiest, most painless EVER!
My prayers were definitely answered in that regard.
All geared up and ready to go...
well before noon I would guess.

I had no watch or clock, but I remember someone
outside my cubicle asking what time it was.
At some point the anesthesiologist came in
and briefly introduced himself.
And I waited.
And waited.
  And waited.  

I prayed.  I breathed deeply.  I lectured myself.
Then repeated the above sequence.
My blood pressure didn't get the message.

Finally, the curtain was thrown back and it was my turn!
Nothing to the surgery!
Then Susan was there, and we were on our way.
It was after 2:00.
And we carried a note instructing us to have my 
blood pressure checked!

When we got home, my eye was killin' me!
Like a rock was in it.
But I am a sucker for anesthesia, so I dozed all afternoon.
And took Advil.
And, blessedly, slept all night.

When I went in for my post-op visit early the next
morning, I found out that I had an abrasion on my eye.
Oh, goody!
The doctor applied a "bandage" in the form of
a contact lens.
Blessed relief.  I was then fine!

So...here is my situation and request for you,
my dear friends.
This was a piece of cake--
but maybe fruitcake!!!
Perhaps I could use some prayers for this Monday
as I go in to have my distance vision corrected.
(At 6:30 A.M.!!!--sorry, Susan!)
Please pray that this time will be a piece of
strawberry cake--
my favorite.

P.S.   My blood pressure is now fine.


Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Special, More Special, Most Special

It was yesterday.
 I thought it was special because I allowed myself
to sleep in, and on a real pillow.
(That means I was throwing caution to the wind
 and not trying to keep my hair looking perfecto.)
But it got more and more special!

I didn't get up until 8:52!
Before 9:00 Susan called and asked what
days this week I might be able to visit
Susannah at Baylor.
I had not been down to see her all year!
A last minute trip is called for!
Well, I couldn't go Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday.
That left only Tuesday (when she couldn't go)
and Monday--TODAY!!!

Well, my first excuse was that my hair wouldn't
look good enough.
My second?  Charleigh Girl.
Her response: "No one will see you, and
Rob will come let C-G out."
So...she gave me a short window to get myself together!


We arrived before Susannah was out of class.
We opted to have lunch in the Student Union Building,
which is the same building as in 1956 outside,
but quite different inside.
I felt so cool!

After lunch Susan took me up to see the beautiful
drawing rooms on the SUB's second floor.
I spotted a wall of plaques picturing donors to
Baylor and was sure my uncle and aunt,
Ralph and Bessie Mae Lynn,
would be there.  What I didn't know was
that there were hundreds of these plaques down
several halls.
We would never have found theirs had it not
been for a lady (Baylor employee) who passed by
 and asked if she could help us.
She knew Ralph (and Bessie Mae!) and
found this plaque for us in short order.

 Our new best friend then asked where we were headed next.
Susan told her that we were going to Pat Neff to see
the hall down which I worked when I was there.
She told us that the President's office was now in
that location, but that if we would wave at
the people on the other side of the "white doors"
we might be able to go in.

The "white doors" were quite formidable looking,
but brave Susan waved, turned the handle,
and we timidly walked in.
A young man approached, and he became our
second new best friend.
His name was Luke, and he is one of two special
assistants to President Starr.
He asked us if we would like to see the 
President's office.
Oh, yeah!
We saw the conference suite, then were ushered
right in to Judge Starr's office.
(He had just left for Houston an hour earlier!
Perfect timing!)
It sat on the spot where the Dean's office was
in 1956, where I worked to earn my
room and board.
(My uncle Ralph and aunt Bessie Mae paid
my tuition.)

Next step in the chain of our wonderful day:
I told Luke that I had lived in Alexander Hall when
I was there.
Alexander now houses honors men students.
But...Luke had lived there and offered to
walk across the street with us and see if we could
 get a look at my old room!

This is Luke and me standing under my window.

And here I am in front of 209 Alexander!

 Many things had changed.
This study area was formerly our dining hall.

 But one thing we observed that probably
had not changed was this stairway,
which ended right in front of my door.

That exit door to the left in this picture was
certainly not there!!!
Not that easy to escape in my day!

We left Luke and picked up what I didn't know was
an equally good tour guide:  Susannah!
The first stop I requested was her dorm room.
She lives in Collins with a darling roommate named

Next stop:  Common Grounds per Mimi's request.
This iconic coffee shop is practically right
across the street from Susannah's dorm.
It is so quaint.  And fun.
I had a "Lake Waco" to drink.  Yum.

We are sharing our drinks on the back patio.
To say the furnishings are "ecletic" is an understatement!

Then Susannah took us on a tour of Cameron Park
(with many questions from her mother about how she
knew this park so well!  It was from Baylor Line Camp!)
Cameron Park is huge and very beautiful.
Here we are at Lover's Leap.

We then proceeded to the new essential stop in Waco...
If you don't know, this is the shop owned by
Joanna Gaines from HGTV's Fixer Upper.
The little shop!
Doesn't take long to see it, but I loved it.

Love the new (to me anyway) picture spot in Waco:


 Returning to the campus,
we were needing a pit stop, so 
Susannah Metzger, tour guide, suggested
that she take us to the Baylor Law School!
She informed us that she had toured
there extensively--alone--and that there were things
she wanted to show us! 
(I call Susie "mini me," but I think I'm wrong.
I'm not nervy at all like this girl.)
We walk in, down the beautiful hall, and she
punches the elevator button!!!
Noooo.  We don't belong here!
Quoting Susannah Metzger...
"I'm a Baylor student, so this campus is mine."
On the second floor we find what she wants to show us.
Courtrooms, with all the trappings!
And a big sign (yes, which we walked right past,) saying
"Quiet.  Court is in Session."
(Which it wasn't, thank goodness.)
I was fascinated.

We walked across the fabulous pedestrian bridge to
the beautiful stadium. 

Sic 'em Bears!

Look what Susan insisted that I must purchase from
She had seen my prolific roses before we left.

I will always cherish this as a memento of a very
Thanks to all for the memories.


Thursday, April 16, 2015

He Closed the Shutters. I Opened Them.

An eye-catching post found its way to my
Facebook page recently.
It's from Jen Hatmaker, author, blogger, television

 Jen said:

"I have observed this before and it is still true. 
This is my life with Brandon Hatmaker:
I open the blinds.
He closes the blinds.
I open them.
He closes them.
And then we die."

From the flood of comments identifying with Jen,
it is obvious that this situation isn't just 
hers and mine!!!
No!  It happens all the time!!! 

I guess there's not always an open blind and a
closed blind person in a marriage,
but there certainly was in mine.
Jack was obsessed with making sure no one
could see in--ever--in any way--whatsoever.  Period.

There's a small window under the stairs
which allows light to shine on plants which live there.
Before I knew it he would fold himself up,
crawl under, and close the shutters
 on the little window.
Even though it would be nigh on to impossible to
see anything inside through said window.

I, on the other hand, love light and airiness and openness.
My morning routine is to open all the shades in
our "glass room," and the shutters in front.
That might have been okay with him, as long
as all were securely shut by dark.

 I would...maybe...occasionally do a "bit of complaining" when I caught him shutting shutters!
I am reminded of what I wrote HERE about
the futility of any type of argument.
Jack wasn't just being arbitrary.
He felt as strong a need to close those shutters as
I felt to have them open.

Just a typical case of
sweating the small stuff.
I guess it happens in the best of families.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

ABC News Caught Sensationalizing

By ME--personally!
Red handed!
Why should I be surprised?

 My ears perked up when I heard that the
upcoming story on the evening news was about
 an outbreak of illness on two cruise ships.
The ships were Royal Caribbean's Legend of the Seas,
and Celebrity's Infinity.
They both pulled into Los Angeles today.
The story was that "hundreds" onboard were ill
with the dreaded norovirus.

Well...the Legend was carrying 2076 passengers.
133 were ill on the voyage.
I got out my faithful calculator.
That is 6.4%.
93.6% were not ill.
Will we have a story about them tomorrow night?

The Infinity had 2217 passengers.
100 were taken ill.
This is less than 5%.

So the "hundreds" were 233.
I guess, technically, that is hundreds.
But I certainly pictured more.

Both Royal Caribbean and Celebrity were very
aggressive in combating these outbreaks,
as we would want them to be.
But should these two events have been shown 
on the prime time national news?
Must have been a slow news day.

It seems that even ABC might have had some
misgivings about the seriousness of these stories.
Just in case...they threw in a flashback to
two years ago when the Carnival ship lost 
power at sea and drifted in un-air-conditioned
misery for days.
How that related to the cases of norovirus is
a mystery to me.
No it's not.  It's strictly sensationalizing!

In reading reports about these recent "outbreaks"
I found the following:
"According to the Center for Disease Control,
20 million people on land in the U.S. 
come down with the norovirus every year--
1 in 15.
The odds of contracting norovirus in a cruise ship
outbreak is about
1 in 12,000."
It was stated that the CDC had sent this info
to ABC News.
Funny--that wasn't mentioned!
The balloon of sensationalism might have been burst!

By the way...I've been on both of these ships,
more than once on the Legend,
and I've never had the norovirus.  
Don't let media exaggeration and hype scare you
off from cruising! 

As for me, I'm thinking I need to spend much more
time on cruise ships, since the odds of
contracting norovirus are sooo much less there
than on land!