Monday, January 22, 2018

I'm Set for the Main Event!

Today was my last day to hobble in pain.
Tomorrow I get a new knee!
We had a lovely flight to Chicago.
If you are wondering why Chicago, please read
all about it HERE.

Susan did a little tour of our room.
We are at the Hilton Magnificent Mile Suites Hotel.

It is in a great location--for Susan!
She walked around last night and checked out
the neighborhood, even finding a theatre!
She is out walking now, getting in her steps!

Our first appointment was at 8:00 A.M. today.
It was a class which is required before surgery.
We were there by 7:20! (Verging on paranoid!)
There was only one other person in our class, 
and her surgery wasn't until Thursday.
We were shown and were able to hold what
will be placed in our knees tomorrow.
Pretty amazing!

Then we were told about our medications.
The nurse asked me to empty out my bag.

So help me, it was even more overwhelming in person!
We were instructed about each one's purpose, 
dosage, etc.
Good luck, Susan!

After visiting with an internist, I got my final okay!
We ubered back to our hotel to lock up my meds!
Then we decided we should walk the short distance
to the John Hancock building to go up to their
observation deck on the 94th floor!
We were warned that the visibility had just dropped
to zero, but we were would clear!

See that view in the background?
In case you think you can see something, you can't.
But we were warned!

Just as we were giving up...

We got to see the water!

As we ate lunch at our hotel
(that's the Hancock building in the background)

we looked up to cloudy but blue skies!
And, yes, it's a barbecue restaurant.
Just what we Texans were looking for in Chicago!
But it is a terrific place.

Well it's almost Happy Hour at the Hilton.
Rob and Susan are Hilton Honors members, so
we take full advantage of the nightly Hors d'oeuvres.
(I didn't have to look up the spelling of that or anything.)

Susan is back from her walk, and look how close
we are to the water!

Next time maybe I'll get to walk down there too!

Thanks for being my therapists this afternoon.
I haven't had time to be scared cause I've been
wrestling with getting pictures on here and
getting the video to play and spelling horse do overs.

Don't know when I'll be back with my next report, 
but I'm so touched by your well wishes and prayers!
I am blessed so that I can bless others.
I hope I have a chance to bless each one of you,
cause I sure love you.

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Want to See A Real Live Scam?

I captured one for you.
This appeared on my incoming email this week.




This is the best I can show it to you--in two pieces.
I could not screen shot the whole thing, but
you need to see both halves.
**If you click on it when viewing,
it will be totally readable.

Now I'll have to admit that I might have fallen 
for this if my computer had let me.
This is why.
I knew I had not ordered this, and
just look how easy the sender made it for me.
All I had to do was click on

"If you did not authorize this purchase please visit

And I on it.
My computer let me know in no uncertain terms
that this could be a scam website.
If it hadn't, what was going to happen? order to cancel my payment, I would
have had to give them my credit card number,
 exactly what they were after.

There are often tell tale signs in these scams, such as
 misspelled words or awkwardly worded phrases.
In this one I had noticed the sender name
after "iTunes Payment."
( Whaaaat?

I hope this will be of help!

Monday, January 8, 2018

Goofy Linda-isms

It seems I'm often using some expression no one
else has heard of!
I just can't understand it.
They all seem so natural and applicable to me.

For instance.
I am the only person I've ever known who 
breaks into a chorus of
"Comin' in on a wing and a prayer"
when arriving somewhere late and out of breath.
(Which happens frequently--to me, anyway!)

Now this one I got from my mother.
"Well, will wonders never cease!"
Now personally, I don't see how a person exists
without this one.
Especially within a family, it is so often applicable.
I've actually set it to music, adding an obnoxious
number of "evers" after "Never."
 ("Never, ever, ever, ever, ever cease")
using descending notes in my best voice.
This has elicited lots of eye rolls from my kids
through the years.

Most of these sayings can be googled, believe it or not!
But...when you google this next one, the
explanation is about as confusing as the saying.
My daddy often referred to "Putting the big pot in
the little one."
I use this expression occasionally, with my own
When I pull off a spectacular (IMHO) party or
event, I say that I sure put the big pot in the little one!
It really seems like putting the little pot in the
bigger pot might be a better mental picture!
But no one understands it either way!

One of my sayings almost caused a family emergency.
I had plans to deliver something or other to my
niece, Diann, at the Stovall Electric office.
I got to running behind, so I texted her that I might
not make it, because I had
"one wheel off and the axle draggin'."
Di's husband, Patrick, texted me right back,
asking where I was and if he needed to come help me!
Doesn't anyone else use this one?
If not, you should start.
It's just so descriptive of the way
 I am some many days!
"I got one wheel off and my axle's draggin'!"

Now I was fully convinced that no one else had EVER 
heard of this next one when I found...

My Daddy used to say this, and I do too!
I hadn't found anyone else who had heard it, but
 I did look it up online even before I found this sign!
We know about the "stars," but
the "garters" refers to the Order of the Garter,
a high honor bestowed by the British.
It's a military thing!

Writing this blog came about because of something
I said Saturday while at lunch with Becky Leffler.
For some crazy reason I don't remember I said,
"There ain't no flies on me!"
And she said, "Whaaat?" 
And I said, "I have no idea what that means."
 I really can't imagine why I said it after googling
 its meaning.
It's talking about someone in such constant motion
that flies can't even manage to land on them.
That is positively, most definitely, for sure 
NOT me these days.
If I am in motion, it's surely slow enough for even
the laziest fly!

Stay tuned...
I'm sure I'll think of more.

Friday, December 29, 2017

Why Chicago for a New Knee?

My most frequently asked question of the moment!
The answer: Dr. Richard A. Berger.

When Susan told a friend of hers that I was needing
knee replacement surgery, the friend said,
"She needs to go to the doctor in Chicago my dad 
has researched."
In checking I found that this doctor is a graduate  
of MIT with a degree in mechanical engineering  
as well as an orthopedic surgeon.
He has developed and pioneered minimally invasive
surgery, allowing patients to recover faster and
with less pain than traditional knee replacement surgery.
His engineering background has helped him design
specialized instruments which allow the surgery
to be done without cutting any muscles,
tendons, or ligaments.
He also has designed gender-specific implants.
Oh...and by the way, he replaced both of 
George W. Bush's knees.
If he's good enough for "Dubya..."

The anesthesia which Dr. Berger uses is also
extremely important to me.
I am very uneasy about going under general
anesthesia at my age.
For my surgery I will have a spinal epidural and 
be asleep but breathing on my own.

CLICK HERE for amazing video!

***You have to scroll just a tad down to video***

I called and made an appointment the day we saw
that video!
Then we began receiving affirmations!

Susan has a friend from college who contacted her
after she posted something on FB about the possibility
of my using this doctor.
Her friend had had surgery years ago and had
traveled to Chicago for Dr. Berger to perform it.
She thought there was no one like him!

I can't remember (nor would you be particularly
interested in) all the other affirmations I got.
But I'm up to 7 or 8 reliable people who know all about
Dr. Berger, his amazing reputation, and know actual
patients of his who have had fantastic outcomes.
 I would have not expected any!
And Dr. Berger's online reviews are so impressive.

I absolutely know there are excellent doctors locally.
I have several friends who have had very successful
experiences with knee replacement.
Just one difference--not one of them
 is/was 80 years old!
I certainly wish I had this done at a younger age.
Dr. Berger said I have very poor range of motion,
and that I have needed a new knee for some time.
 I just did not realize I needed it until this year.
I have always been worried about osteoporosis,
but never osteoarthritis!

Susan will travel with me.
We arrive on one day, 
pre op classes, exams, and prep the next,
surgery and back to the hotel the next,
in room therapy the next,
return visit to doctor next,
then fly home on third day after surgery.
Physical therapy will continue here at home.

Reading this may lead you to believe that this was an
easy decision. It was not.
I've been about as decisive as a squirrel
sitting on the side of the road trying to decide
whether to run under your car or not!
I've made and cancelled more appointments
than a booking agent.
But doors have been closed and encouragements
received to the point of my feeling confident
that I'm doing the best thing for me.

"Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything,
by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, 
make your requests known to God;
and the peace of God which surpasses all understanding,
will guard your hearts
and minds in Christ Jesus."
Philippians 4:6-7

Because, you know, only God can heal me.
I can carefully choose the most skilled surgeon.
He can do a perfect job.
But once he sutures my leg back together,
only God can cause that severed skin to rejoin
as good as He created it and
my body to accept and adapt to my new parts.

Thank you for caring enough about me 
to have questions!
I hope this answers them.
And I'm so grateful for the prayers lifted on my
behalf already. 
It will comfort me in Chicago to think of all my
prayer warrior friends back home.
I love you all very much.

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Linda Stovall Come On Down!!!

I'd just love to tell you all about a very exciting event
in the the lives of the Stovall family!
We had gone to California for our 1978 vacation.
Susan was 18 and Jay 14.
We didn't have tickets for The Price Is Right, but when
we went to tour the studio where it was being filmed,
there was a line forming to see it.
Someone gave me two tickets, so we began asking
if anyone had two more extras.
Lo and behold, someone did!

We were there for hours.
At some point producers came down the line and
interviewed us.
I said I was a college sophomore, because I was
attending Texas Wesleyan at the time.

When we got seated in the studio, we were definitely 
hopeful that I was going to be
chosen, because the producers stood on the
stage and seemed to be scoping out the location
 of those selected.
And they were looking at us!!!



Little side note:
We were seated in the order we had been standing,
so we had gotten to be friends with those around us.
I thought I would never get out!

So here is my big moment!


I do not know whether or not I would be as nervous
now as I was then.
I felt like I was going to do something really ridiculous
with the whole world watching!
It's really hard to describe.
But as my face shows, I had no idea what number
to take out of Squeeze Play!

If I had been thinking totally rationally, I would
have removed the "0" leaving $1495.
That sounds so logical.
 But it still would have been wrong!

The dinette set was (is) actually pretty cool.
The sides fold down so that it is only 10 inches wide.
Susan and Rob used it, and we used it when we
first built our glass room.
It is still in my garage!
And...I did not know how often I say,
"That would be great," but to this day if I
say it in Jay's presence, I'm aware of his reaction!

Since I made it onto the stage I got to spin the 
Big Wheel.
Must warn you--this is a heart breaker!


I had it until that last spin!
But we were perfectly happy with what I won!
(At the time...I got greedy later!)


And my girl was highlighted between segments:

We took a few pictures afterward at the 
Farmer's Market where we went to eat, but they
are slides and too hard for me to get to.
It was sure a fun event for all four of us!

I keep thinking of other things I want to tell you.
This was in the very early days of VCR's, so we
had to rush home and buy one so we could record
the show when it aired.
Even if I had won, it
might not have arrived soon enough.
(But I should have won that showcase spinoff!)

Sunday, December 17, 2017

My Problems With "Lovely, Still"

I am very literal. I acknowledge that.
My mother said that I had no imagination.
I think that is probably true, too.
I know this movie is fiction, but its wildly misleading
story line is just too much for me.

Robert, played amazingly by Martin Landau, is an
elderly gentleman who works at a grocery store.
He lives alone, gets up by an alarm every morning, 
and prepares himself impeccably for work--
even down to and including flossing his teeth.
One morning, however, he accidentally 
leaves his front door wide open while looking
 across the street at new neighbors moving in.

One of those new neighbors, Mary, also beautifully
played by Ellen Burstyn, is in his home 
when he arrives there after work.
Robert is understandably very upset.
Mary tells him that she and her daughter, Alex, are
the new neighbors across the street, and
she manages to reassure Robert that she was
just looking out for him.
She rings his doorbell again later and invites him to have dinner out the following night.

A very excited Robert asks his much younger boss at the grocery, Mike, to assist him in making
plans for the evening.
This sequence and others are very pleasant.

We are given only one hint of anything amiss.
Alex does not think her mother going out for
the evening with Robert is a good idea.
But go she does, and the evening is a joy to watch!

Hint No. 2 is that Robert places an X each
morning on his calendar when he awakes.
(Not much of a clue to me! I should adopt the plan!)
By day 2 or 3 he is a nervous wreck because Mary
has not called him, and he attempts to call her.
As it turns out, they were dialing each other at
the same time.
They do lots of lovely things together.

So enjoyable to this point.
And then the cracks start appearing.
Spoiler Alert
Don't read any further if you plan to watch.

Robert suffers from Alzheimer's Disease.
Mary is his wife.
Alex is his daughter.
And Mike, believe it or not, is his son.
It is intimated that Robert had previously left Mary.

The author is asking us to believe that this man, Robert,
can set an alarm, be perfectly groomed, and show
up for organized work every day
does not remember his wife, daughter, or son.
That's not the way it works.
The short term memory goes first.
At least with us, my face would have been the
last thing Jack ever forgot.

Another very disturbing occurrence to me...
A part of the story showed Mary at her home 
counting pills and coming up short on a weekend.
There is a panicky trip to the pharmacy and
call to the doctor.
The viewer assumed the pills were for her.
They were not.
She was sneaking them into Robert's medicine cabinet.
And he was taking them every day, of course!
When he had a terrible meltdown, we were shown
that he had forgotten to take one pill.
Not happening.
The pill to keep Alzheimer's victims on an
even keel has not yet been discovered. 
This, and the whole movie, is so misleading.

I must say that I did admire and appreciate the
kind manner in which everyone treated Robert.
So respectful. Reassuring.
There were also all too familiar scenes of 
excruciating misunderstanding and confusion.
So heart breaking.

Somehow the world has managed to go on turning
for 7 years without my intervention
regarding this movie.
I will admit that I watched it a second time after I
knew what was coming.
I didn't cry nearly as much.

Remember it's a movie not a textbook!

Please refer to Paragraph 1.
I just can't help myself.

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Trying to Surprise Susan and Terri for Christmas

I would just love to get Susan and Terri, 
who do so much for me all year long, 
something really wonderful for Christmas.
Something  special--and a surprise!
So one night this week, when I should have been
working on preparing to have my BSF group over,
I spent A LOT of time searching for their presents.

I decided to look at Nordstrom.
I knew I could find something there to fit the bill.
And...they were having a S.A.L.E.!
You, my friends, are in luck today.
I am going to share some of my finds with you.
Yep, bit the old bullet for you again!

It's really hard to decide what to show you first.

I guess I'm choosing this little number,
since it was the first to "catch my eye!"

Eye catching it is, but, I don't think you're quite right for
my girls even at that bargain price.

Now Terri is a runner, as many of you know.
So the term "jogger pants" got me all excited!
And they're a "new markdown!"

Really??? Don't you think they might trip her?
Hard to turn down that cheap price, but...just not right.

I was with Susan recently when she tried on a military
green jacket, so I know she wants one.

Maybe this is more what she was looking for.
Serious contender.

For a couple of years I have thought about buying
them boots. 

What do you think? Remember, they're 30% off.
No, I don't think that's cheap enough.

Now how could I go wrong with just a simple skirt?

As lovely and cheap as it is, I'm afraid they wouldn't
have the right footwear to set it off.

So what about a simple little frock?
At 60% off, remember.

I can just hear them now.
"This makes my hips look so wide!"
So, no.

One year I got Susan a blazer for Christmas
which she has just worn and worn.
This one is a little different, but?

I really am afraid she would think green
and purple iridescent is not her color.
What a shame. Under $800!

I'm glad I have a picture, cause this one would be
hard to describe, wouldn't it?

Is it just me, or do those sleeves not match?
I'm sorry, but I just don't "get" this one.
Besides, neither of them has this skirt.


Since I don't seem to be having much luck here,
I thought I would try some accessory items.
Like this simple scarf...

I may be a Scrooge, but I think this might be a
little too simple for $284.98! What about you?

Do you think they might find it exciting to have a
F E N D I  phone case?
With legs?

Does that look like Susan? Does it look like Terri?
NO!  Fendi Schmindi.
I give up!


The good news for you, my darling girls, is that you 
will NOT be getting any of these bargains for
Christmas, as marvelous as they are.

I'm hoping my research pays off for one or more
of my dear friends, though!
But I don't think so.