Thursday, March 27, 2014

Why I Hate Exercise

There are reasons I don't exercise willingly and cheerfully.
No one knows better than I how much I need to.
No one feels more guilty than I because I don't.

On Monday my friend Joan and I went to
Soft Surroundings to be fitted for a Woman's Club
style show...on April 8th!
Let me tell you, there's nothing that will motivate a girl
to exercise quite like that!
I told them I was going to lose 15 pounds before the show!
  Joan talked me into cutting it to 10 since
I only had two weeks!

So...of course you could have found me at LA Fitness
that afternoon.  
But I wasn't very joyful.
And my "workout" was rather pitiful.

Thanks to Sheaffer at Pinterest Told Me To,
I can now diagnosis my problem.
She suffers from the same malady!!!
It is: "Where the heck are my endorphins???"
I've "worked out" every day this week,
and I have yet to experience one endorphin.
Yes, I'm glad I'm going.
But I'm supposed to be able to bask in my endorphins!
 I don't feel euphoric or even inspired.
No, I don't want to go back today.
But I have lost 3 pounds.
Of course, I'm starving, too.
Right now.  Right this minute.  I'm starving. 

That is Problem #1.
Problem #2 is this.
"Find something you like and enjoy doing for exercise.
Then you'll stick with it!"
That's what they say.
I don't like and/or enjoy anything, I'm sad to report.
I'm stuck with not sticking with anything.

I do love to ride a bicycle, and I have a very nice one, 
but there's that
pesky helmet that messes up my hair,
there's all that traffic,
and there's that fragile bone stuff.

I don't mind walking around the neighborhood if:
It isn't too hot.
It isn't too cold.
It isn't windy at all (the hair, you know.)
I have time (you know--IOIHT)
(explanation here) 

I am, however, attacking my problem head-on.
Since my problems with LA Fitness are
(1) getting ready (in decent "workout gear")
(2) driving there, and (3) it not being cold enough,
I have bought an elliptical machine for my exercise room.
The problem is, it is backordered and doesn't arrive
until after the final rose style show.

I'm pretty sure my endorphins are hiding up in my 
exercise room.
And I know I'm just going to LOVE "ellipticalling"
for hours up there!!!

But in case I don' you know why.



  1. Linda! I AGREE 100% WITH EVERYTHING THAT YOU SAY! ESPECIALLY THE STARVING PART. Right now, I could eat a whole entire pizza. And a bag of chips. And a couple of enchiladas. And then I could probably polish off a sheet cake. But instead, I'm going to drink my 4th bottle of water today and eat a handful of carrots! :)
    Loved the post!

  2. Linda! You made me laugh out loud! You are just so funny! The part about the helmet and the hair...I about died! XOXO