Monday, March 24, 2014

I Have IOIHT Syndrome

Oh, yes, brothers and sisters, I do.
I wonder if there are any fellow sufferers out there.
Somehow I doubt it--or doubt that other cases
have been diagnosed.
It is the "If Only I Had Time" syndrome.

I noticed it this morning--for about the millionth time.
I was sitting at my vanity getting ready to leave
to pick up a friend at an appointed time.
I had to get something out of a very messy drawer.
I thought, "If Only I Had Time, I would clean
that thing out!"

The drawer is in a sink unit which looks like 
someone has hit it a few licks with something.
"If Only I Had Time, I would touch those 
nicks up.  I'll bet I could make it look perfect!" 

Now I'm home.  I have time to be blogging.
But have I cleaned out that drawer or touched
up the cabinet?  No.
Now I have time.
But now I don't want to.

The first time I really noticed this was in a very
different situation.
  In the early days of Jack's and my travel,
we would no sooner be off the ground 
than I would be thinking of something I was
going to cook when we got home and
I had time!
I even bought cruise ship cookbooks.
Did I create any of the recipes?
No.  I didn't create anything.
It only sounded like a good idea when it
wasn't possible!

Another manifestation of my strange syndrome:
If I had Jack, the reluctant shopper, with me
I would see things I wanted to look at, examine, try on
everywhere I looked--If Only I Had Time!
I could go back later--alone--to the same stores
and see nothing I liked.

And here's poor Charleigh-Girl sitting by my chair
looking longingly at me.
"If Only I Had Time" I would go outside and
throw the frisbee for her.
But, alas, it's time for
Dancing With The Stars.




  1. Wow!! I have the same syndrome Mrs. Linda. I wonder if there is a cure fr that. :-) Hope all is well

  2. OMgoodness. First you have Paralyzed by Perfection and now this. Poor thing. Do you think you could battle these maladies and email me one day? I miss hearing from you.